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QLD Clubs & Pubs State of Play: March

The reduced trading days have been considered to arrive at the ADR for March 2020 and then compared to March 2019.  Prior to COVID-19, March was showing a stable ADR growth across the state, up by 6.91% (+8.13% last month).  Of this, Pubs venues recorded an uplift of +10.59% (+8.91% last month) while Clubs showed an increase of +1.24% (+7.12% in February).

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I was lucky enough to spend a few days in the USA recently with a large bunch of marketing executives for the Raving Casino Marketing Conference held at Paris, Las Vegas.

What sets your venue apart from others in the area? It’s not the machines, the carpet design or comfortable chairs you just bought – though they all contribute. It’s the experience you create for customers—how you meet their needs and entrench your venue in their personal identity.

The rationalisation of ‘more bums on seats’ is touted as a great justification for spending more marketing dollars. After all, more customers equals more revenue...right?