Give your HR a Health Check and avoid costly oversights

Seems impossible that you could simply “forget” to pay employees correctly doesn’t it?

Your HR system helps to avoid this kind of oversight, right?

Recent spot checks by the Fair Work Ombudsman have identified that service workers in the hospitality industry have been underpaid by just over $1.2m, with one business having to pay out more than $40,000 to just one employee.

In the last few months alone, the Fair Work Ombudsman has found multiple business, large and small, who have failed to meet their obligations, most times unintentionally, and the outcomes have been astounding:

  • A cleaning company in Perth who underpaid overseas workers had a penalty decision to the value of $343,860 levelled against them.
  • 1066 Employers were asked to supply their 2012–2013 time and wage records, the outcome – only 42% were fully compliant with their workplace obligations.
  • A large national aged care services group was recently ordered to reimburse close to $4.8 million after they discovered, and voluntarily reported, that they had underpaid overtimes rates for 6 years.

Is it worth the thousands in back pay and penalties because you “thought” you were compliant?

There is a simple solution – an easy, cost effective way to make sure you don’t get burnt by unintentional HR oversight.

Book a HR Health Check with DWS!

Due to the 1 July changes in the minimum pay award, we are offering a limited time, special HR Health Check price of only $495 – It’s a small price to pay for an independent review of your HR systems.

Register now and avoid any costly HR surprises.

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