DWS Safety & Compliance Newsletter September


  • Be a Safety Champion: National Safe Work Month is October
  • Safety Alert: Fire in the Club Kitchen
  • SHARPS: Preventing Sharp Injuries
  • AML/CTF/: NOW in the time to get your 2019 independent review completed
  • SafeWork NSW release New Codes of Practice
  • Fair Work changes to relevant Awards re: termination pay

National Safe Work Month is being held in October and it’s a great time to get your staff involved in the continued improvement of safety in your venue. Everyone can (and should) be a safety champion but what does a safety champion look like? They could be the staff member doing a great job of mentoring and inducting new staff, they could be the person who contributes safety information in team meetings, or just someone who looks out for everyone’s safety.

Get in contact today for a personalised poster for your venue to get staff contributing to the safety improvement of your venue.

Safety Alert: Fire in the Club Kitchen

We recently investigated an incident that occurred in a Club kitchen where a flammable liquid was accidently used on a hot flat grill, causing a flash fire. The person incurred serious burn injuries. Prevention strategies are included on the Safety Alert.


SHARPS: Preventing Sharps Injuries

It is an unfortunately growing problem in our society, but sharps injuries in the workplace can be prevented. See our attached Fact Sheet on ways of preventing your staff from injury and illness.


AML/CTF: NOW is the time to get your Independent Review done

Book in NOW to get your 2019 Independent Review completed before the busy Christmas period. Any reviews and training done after December 31 will not count in your 2019 compliance report.


AML/CTF: and Australian Privacy Principles:

Are you complying with not only the AML identification gathering requirements but also the Privacy legislation requirements? Does your Privacy Policy provide information on how the Know Your Customer identification information is used or disclosed? Information from the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner is attached.

If it’s time for your Privacy Policy to be reviewed, get in contact today.



SafeWork NSW release new Codes of Practice 

What is a Code of Practice? A code of practice provides detailed information on how you can achieve the standards required under the work health and safety (WHS) laws.

These do not replace the WHS laws, but codes of practice can be issued to help make understanding what you have to do a little easier.

An inspector can refer to a code of practice when issuing an improvement or prohibition notice.

Under the Work Health and Safety Act 2011, codes of practice are admissible in court proceedings.



Fair Work Award Changes: Termination pay

Fair Work have advised of changes to the Restaurant Award, Registered and Licensed Clubs Award and Hospitality Award.

Employers are now required to pay an employee’s wage and all other entitlements within 7 days of their employment ending.

For casual employees paid at the end of each engagement, their final pay must be paid at the end of their final engagement.

Note – There may be special rules about paying any accumulated long-service leave. Check with your state or territory long service leave agency, listed on the Fair Work Long service leave page.

Links to the changed clauses in each of the Awards:

The jail terms for health and safety breaches have started

Did you know that the recent changes to WHS legislation have seen the enforcement powers of Workplace Health and Safety Queensland increase to include the offence of industrial manslaughter with a maximum penalty of 20 years in jail for persons conducting a business or undertaking and up to $10 million in fines for the involved company?



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Food safety is essential to prevent allergic reactions and food poisoning, both at work and at home. With the warmer months now upon us, it is even more important to ensure we use good food safety and hygiene whenever we handle food.

National Safe Work Month, Fire in the Club Kitchen, Preventing Sharps Injuries, SafeWork NSW New Code of Practice and more...

It is an unfortunately growing problem in our society, but sharps injuries in the workplace can be prevented. See our attached Fact Sheet on ways of preventing your staff from injury and illness.