Digital ID and implications for venues

How to visually check a digital drivers licence/ID including:

  • Australia Post Keypass identity card (Digital ID)
  • South Australia driver licence
  • New South Wales digital drivers licence
  1. Animated NSW Government logo.
  2. Last refreshed date and time.
  3. QR code expires and reloads.
  4. Waratah hologram moves when phone is tilted.
  5. Watermark matches the licence photo.
  6. Address details (scrolling is not always required
    to view address).

Some information from OLGR about handling digital drivers licencesin Qld is contained in this link;


  • You still need to compare the photo with the person presenting the ID
  • Check the DOB to ensure the person is over 18
  • Identify the security features of the ID (animated logos, display current time and date etc)
  • Apps are available to verify each digital ID
  • If you have ID scanners, not all digital ID’s will be supported (manual entry into the scanner is required)
  • For suspected fake ID and confiscations, including misuse of digital ID, you need to complete the Confiscation
    Report and submit it to OLGR (Qld).
  • You must not confiscate the mobile device that contains the suspect ID.
  • Click here for link to OLGR Confiscation Report


For any clarification or questions, please contact Michelle Pitman, DWS Work Health Safety & Compliance Advisor, on 0401 014 619 or



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Visually check a digital drivers licence/ID including Australia Post Keypass identity card (Digital ID), South Australia driver licence and New South Wales digital drivers licence

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