Could not care less

I came across this old video in my file a couple of weeks back about communication.  It reminded me as to how important communication is at the present time, particularly as it relates to the hospitality industry.

With the fast changing regulations that are creating total confusion in the minds of the customer as to what our venues are offering and when, keeping the communication open with our customers during this time has been, and continues to be, of paramount importance.  They need to know that we’re still thinking of them and what services we are able to provide them with, for example the range of takeaways, change to hours, new cleaning and sanitising procedures.

Looking through a few venue websites recently, it was interesting to see the significant difference in those who have changed their website considerably to communicate what they are able to provide and the competitions they may be running, to those who, as I wrote about in my previous article, just basically have the words “closed” running across them in a banner.

To be truly effective, you should consider what you are hoping to achieve with the communication and is the copy you are using connecting with your customer and inspiring them to react or carry out an action you would like them to do.

Far too often communication just relays facts and information. They lack passion, purpose and a real desire to connect with somebody at their level and with their interests.

An article is worthless if the heading does not inspire a customer to read it.  We all scan headings to see if we are interested in reading it.  There is no better example than headings on social media where somebody is trying to sell something or the headings on newspaper articles that are trying to motivate you to read the article.

People do not want to just buy stuff, they want something that is going to make them feel better, look better, entertain them or thrill them. We must make our hospitality product fit into these types of categories. This is nothing new and the saying “sell the sizzle not the steak” has been around for years.

Creating good communication takes time and thought.  Too often in a busy hospitality business it’s left to somebody who lacks the passion, the skills or doesn’t have the time and only writes the facts. This brings me back to the video below which initially only states the facts and lacks all the elements I have spoken about and therefore doesn’t motivate people to achieve the expectation; but in the same situation using the right language, the outcomes desired can be achieved.


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