Are your food safety procedures up to standard?

Don’t invite salmonella to your clients’ Christmas party


With Christmas fast approaching, salmonella is not a gift you want to give your patrons, so is it time you took a look at your food safety processes?

Although the festive season is a notoriously hectic time for our Industry, the implementation of food safety cannot afford to be cut back on in order to save time. The need for correct hygiene should be a core focus and of utmost importance for both your venue and the clients who trust you with their health.

Food poisoning can usually be traced back to food becoming contaminated through poor personal hygiene, food being incorrectly handled, improperly cooked or inadequately stored.

Here are some quick and easy to implement considerations to help your venue avoid these health issues:

  • Make certain that your food handlers follow correct hygiene monitoring procedures at all times.
  • Keep food stored at the correct temperatures at all times, right up until serving.
  • Have adequate monitoring procedures to ensure that food items are not subject to time temperature abuse
  • When it comes to eggs, ensure that raw and cooked egg sauces are maintained at safe temperatures, to ensure that bacteria cannot grow to dangerous levels.
  • Have processes in place that ensure regular cleaning and sanitising of food processing surfaces and equipment.
  • Source your food from reputable suppliers.

Bacteria multiplies rapidly, doubling on average every 20 minutes! Think about that during your next breakfast, lunch or dinner rush.

Be proactive and make sure your staff have the correct training to safeguard your venue against poisoning your clients – get in touch with our experienced hygiene training team today on 07 3878 8977.


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The COVID-19 (coronavirus) is gathering speed daily and the effects will be felt by businesses globally, and yes that potentially includes your venue too. There are some good practical actions that can be started today.

Taking personal responsibility for your own health is vital in keeping you as protected as possible from the virus (as well as ‘normal’ colds and flu). Limit contact with people that you know have been travelling through China or any other risk declared country until the risk period has passed.

Another year has just about gone and the busy festive season is upon us. It’s so important during this time to keep an eye on our work mates, our patrons and most importantly – ourselves!