Market Research

DWS provide a range of research services for clients in the hospitality, accommodation, gaming, leisure and tourism sectors. Our research services include mystery shopping, member meter, customer focus groups and surveys.

We have over 20 years of data assimilation as an organisation relating to our research services. DWS maintain a range of proprietary databases that collates data on a range of sectors allowing us strong and effective insight.

Our research projects include clubs, taverns, serviced accommodation, gyms, casinos and other tourism & leisure businesses and associated government bodies. Each year, DWS complete over 500 consulting assignments. Recent research projects that have been undertaken by DWS include:

  • Exit surveys undertaken following the reopening of new hotel venues on behalf of a major national operator.
  • Retainer mystery shopping program for a major Queensland based clubs.
  • Quarterly benchmarking analysis of club member perceptions of the facilities through the use of our proprietary ‘Member Meter’ survey.
  • Regulatory community impact surveys undertaken as part of liquor and gaming applications.

DWS has developed in-depth research tools and is ideally placed to assist with research projects. We would welcome the opportunity to discuss these needs further.


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So much can change in such a small timeframe. You change a menu, renovate your café, start a new promotion, change your gaming products or even employ new team members; it all changes the dynamic of your operation.

It has been consistently proved, even by massive companies that have more than enough resources to know better … marketing research matters. Collecting, reviewing and analysing your data is key to future business success in a highly competitive industry.

Customers can be fickle with their loyalty, and long with their memory. A single negative incident could potentially ruin a customer’s perception of a venue.