SkyCity Hotel & Casino

DWS was commissioned to undertake the business and operating plan at SkyCity Hotel and Casino in Darwin in 2011 and 2012. The project involved a review of internal budgets produced by SkyCity in order to set out a framework under which such budgets and target could be achieved in order to satisfy shareholders. This project incorporated the following elements;

  • Completed detailed analysis of the business and financial budget.
  • Benchmarked the business against industry norms.
  • Liaised with general management on the target business performances.
  • Prepared and conducted workshop with senior management over two full days examining targets and developing associated actions in order to achieve targets.
  • Formalised the workshop into the associated business and operating plan.

The culmination of the analysis and workshop was formalised in the operating plan, which was adopted by the management of SkyCity Hotel & Casino. Key initiatives were prioritised and the appropriate capital expenditure to realise them was allocated.

‘The multi-disciplinary expertise that DWS offers is highly beneficial to a large and diversified business like the SkyCity Hotel and Casino. Having undertaken major capital expenditure at the hotel and casino, it was imperative for us set ambitious targets and put in place the appropriate infrastructure in order for them to be realised. DWS greatly assisted us in this respect.’ – Brad Morgan, General Manager, Sky City Hotel & Casino, Darwin.


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