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About Us

DWS Hospitality Specialists consult to the hospitality, tourism and leisure industries and have dedicated expertise in a number of sectors within this sphere including:

  • The club sector incorporating licenced and unlicenced associations as well as state and national level associations and organisations.
  • The accommodation sector with expertise in full & select-service hotels, serviced & strata-titled apartments as well as resort operations.
  • The pubs and tavern sector including licenced gaming venues as well as dedicated food and beverage operations.
  • The casino sector with expertise in gaming room design and integrated casino operations.
  • The cafe and restaurant sector including licenced and unlicenced operations.
  • The leisure sector including golf, bowls and health club development and operations.
  • The tourism planning sector incorporating destination and attraction planning as well as capacity studies.

Within each of these sectors, DWS offer a multidisciplinary suite of consulting services including financial, licencing, governance, gaming, human resources, risk management, training, marketing, negotiation, venue and asset management.


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So much can change in such a small timeframe. You change a menu, renovate your café, start a new promotion, change your gaming products or even employ new team members; it all changes the dynamic of your operation.

It has been consistently proved, even by massive companies that have more than enough resources to know better … marketing research matters. Collecting, reviewing and analysing your data is key to future business success in a highly competitive industry.

Customers can be fickle with their loyalty, and long with their memory. A single negative incident could potentially ruin a customer’s perception of a venue.