Victorian Gaming Analysis

August – Just Dusting Off the Growth in the Gaming Market

In August 2017, the Victorian gaming market as a whole increased by 1.15% on August 2016 with metro areas increasing by 0.80% and country areas increasing by 2.43%. This is the second month this calendar year to see growth in Victoria, including both metro and country areas. August typically is a good month for the gaming market.

The graph below presents the expenditure movements in regions in the last 13 months.


Of the 57 areas, 37 of the areas experienced positive growth (20 country and 17 metro areas). Swan Hill is on top with the most growth in expenditure (growth of 27.1% on August 2016), Alpine follows closely with expenditure growth at 21.5%. Cardinia, with 10.9% growth, is the highest expenditure growth amongst metro areas followed by Wyndham with growth of 5.5%.

The consumer sentiment remains low with consumer sentiment lower than 100 at 95.6, however, outlook on family finances increased 2.1% on last month, economic conditions in the next 12 months increased 0.4 to 93.3 and economic conditions in the next 5 years increased 2.3 to 89.3. Could this be a good sign for the gaming industry?

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Download the Victorian Gaming Infographic for August 2017 here


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