Victorian Gaming Analysis

November – finally picking up the pace?

In November 2017, the Victorian gaming market grew by 1.77% on last year with metro and country areas increasing by 1.90% and 1.31% respectively.  Performance overall is -0.87% calendar year-to-date.

The graph below presents the expenditure movements in regions in the last 13 months.

Of the 57 areas, 38 of the areas experienced positive growth (17 country and 21 metro areas). Boroondara experienced the most growth in expenditure (growth of 11% on November 2016) for metro areas, while Mildura follows with expenditure growth at 17% for country areas. Swan Hill grew by 10.6% and is followed by Bass Coast with 10.2% growth for country areas. The second area with growth in the metro area is Melton (9.6%) and Cardinia (6.4%).  Interestingly, both Melton and Cardinia report strong growth over the last two years, 15.5% and 15.2% respectively.

How does your venue compare to your market overall and was the Christmas period a photo finish for the 2017 calendar year?

For best results view this interactive map in a Google Chrome browser

Download the Victorian Gaming Infographic for November 2017 here


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