Queensland Gaming by Region

Updated June 2017

May this continue?

Queensland Overview

For Queensland, as a whole, May was a good month for poker machine gaming in clubs and hotels, with results up by 3.6% on May last year.

Calendar year to date, Queensland has had 0.5% growth on last year comparable period. May is the second month this year to date to have growth in the gaming market, next to March this year, which was aided by an additional day of trading due to the fall of Easter. Is May the first real sign of a return to normal?

Most of the growth in May comes from hotels with 6.2% growth on last year and clubs grew 0.4% on last year.

Regional Analysis

Of the 15 major LGA regions that are analysed, 10 regions experienced growth in May with Mackay experiencing the most growth, followed by Ipswich, with 16.8% and 8.0% growth on last year respectively.

Mackay (16.8%), Ipswich (8.0%), Fraser Coast (7.7%), Logan (5.6%), Gold Coast (3.1%) and Sunshine Coast (1.3%) growth continues in May from April this year.

Mackay experienced an influx of work for tradies to repair the $2 billion damage caused by Cyclone Debbie – could the growth be attributed to the increase of tradies’ income?

The Federal budget announced in May overall may not have boosted the Australian consumer sentiment with sentiment falling by 1.1% from April as reported by Westpac-Melbourne Institute. However, the outlook for employment in Australia improved by 3.4% from April. Could this have contributed to the increase of growth?

View the latest gaming results and take a look at how each region in Queensland performed below.

M&S Gaming Regions Qld May 2017For further information contact Geoff Wohlsen on (07) 3878 9355 or Geoff@dws.net.au


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