Queensland Gaming by Region

Updated October 2017

September 2017 Gaming Steps Up

Queensland Overview

Overall for Queensland, September gaming results grew by 2.8% on September 2016. Growth in gaming has continued since May this year with six months of nine to show growth this calendar year.

Calendar year to date shows that 2017 is up by 1.7% on 2016 and 4.1% on 2015. This is higher than last month’s calendar year to date growth at 1.5% year on year.

Although both Hotels and Clubs experienced growth in September 2017, Clubs growth is minimal at 0.1% and Hotels growth continues at 5.0%. Hotels growth continue to outgrow Clubs in gaming in September 2017.

Regional Analysis

Of the 15 major local government regions, all but three regions, Rockhampton LGA, Gladstone LGA, and Cairns LGA, experienced growth in September. Mount Isa LGA had the most growth at 12.0% followed by Mackay LGA, which continues to have significant growth, at 9.6%. Logan LGA remains strong with a ADR of $234.

In September 2017, although, current sentiment index remains low (less at 100) at 97.9, it increased slightly from last month (95.5). Sentiment on economic conditions for the next 12 months and next 5 years continue to rise. Economic conditions on the next 12 months rose, 2.7 on last month and 5.5 on last year to 95.8. Economic conditions on the next 5 years rose 5.1 on last month to 93.9.

View the latest gaming results and take a look at how each region in Queensland performed below.

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