Elise Tam


elise_profileElise joined the DWS Hospitality Specialists team in early 2016. With the expansion of DWS into NSW, Elise assists the team with the increased number of projects the company has taken on.

Since joining DWS, Elise has provided consistent support to the consulting team to ensure projects are delivered on time. The areas which are Elise’s focus include the delivery of reports, research and analytics.

As well as the widespread experience gained from a diverse number of roles, Elise’s qualifications include:

  • Masters of Tourism, Hotel and event Management (Advanced)
  • Bachelor of communications, majoring in public relations and mass communications
  • International baccalaureate

Elise has worked as a tutor for the University of Queensland at both undergraduate level and postgraduate level. The courses that she specialised in include Service Management in Tourism, Gaming and Casino Management, Global Hotel, Resort and Casino Management, and Event Sponsorship and Fundraising.

Elise continues to expand her areas of expertise by continuously tackling new projects and delving deeper into the industry with her drive to succeed.


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