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The Get in the Game grants provide funding to support not-for-profit local sport and recreation organisations to create and provide access to participation opportunities for Queenslanders, encouraging people to become involved in sport and active recreation!

The black economy is becoming a larger focus to the Australian Government and there are implications to Clubs’ and Hotels’ AML/CTF compliance and obligations. So how does this affect your venue?

The hospitality industry is a highly competitive marketplace and those not willing to change, or keep up with the expectations of their target audience, will quickly find themselves suffering from declining profits and possible closure.

Millennials are the most elusive generation for venues. With an international major event attracting 40,000 viewers, and the global audience expected to reach 385.5 million people in 2017, could eSports be the key to connect venues with Millennials?

Having reviewed and re-written many constitutions now, we have determined the best six features that we’ve seen.

TripAdvisor has announced, “that it has crossed the 500 million reviews and opinions milestone." The insights you can gain from this level of feedback from real people, can give your venue the edge you need to excel where your competitors fail.

Underpinning the transformation are major regional projects and developments which set to provide new services, ‘state of the art’ infrastructure and employment opportunities. So what does the future look like?

Aleks Rakic
Aleks Rakic

Market analysis has the potential to lead your organisation’s most beneficial strategic decisions. Or if conducted poorly – it can force a backwards step in the organisation. So how can you ensure your market analysis is leading you in the right direction?

Monitoring what’s being said about your business helps you keep track of your online reputation, respond to comments in a timely manner, and improve your products, services and customer experience based on the feedback you receive.