DWS Observations & Pulse Survey

Below are some data pieces we hope will hold some interest for you in this increasingly competitive market. Pulse is a short form survey covering some topics of the day currently being discussed in our industry, while Obersavations provides game performance across the eastern seaboard and some insight into some key products.

DWS Observations

Every quarter DWS will also gauge the state of the market and provide you with the latest analysis and observations of newly released games.

New South Wales: July 2017 NSW Game Performance: everyone is getting in on the act!

Queensland: July 2017 QLD Game Performance: everyone is getting in on the act!

Victoria: July 2017 VIC Game Performance: everyone is getting in on the act!

Past Observations:

June 2017 Game Performance and What is the Value of an ‘End Bank’ Machine?

May 2017 Game Performance and A Look Back at Recent Game History

April 2017 Game Performance and Lightning Link & Cash – 12 Months on

Q1 Game Performance and How Dragon Link/Cash has affected the dollar market in Queensland

Pulse Survey

In a bid to get information into the market, DWS will is conducting short PULSE surveys of issues of the day to get feedback into the market.

September 2017 – NSW Pulse Survey Results

Q1 Pulse Survey Results


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With certainty now obtained, small businesses will begin to transition to the new Sunday penalty rates across a range of awards, however, it is critical that you understand the rules and what you can do as this fiery issue rolls out.

The Get in the Game grants provide funding to support not-for-profit local sport and recreation organisations to create and provide access to participation opportunities for Queenslanders, encouraging people to become involved in sport and active recreation!