DWS offer a variety of training services for clients in the hospitality, gaming, accommodation and leisure sectors. Our training services include regulatory, management workshops, specialised gaming and financial analysis.

DWS operate CTA Training as a registered training organisation which combines the consulting experience of DWS and the large scope of training products delivered by CTA. DWS & CTA trainers are highly qualified and fully accredited in their respective fields.

Our training assignments include fee-for-service specialised training as well as government funded training across tourism, hospitality and leisure sectors. Each year, CTA complete over 30,000 student lessons and DWS deliver a range of specialised training. Recent fee-for-service training projects undertaken include:

  • Management training undertaken on behalf of a major national gaming pub operator specialising in gaming pub venue management and operation.
  • Bi-annual financial planning and gaming management training delivered through our proprietary ‘Game On’ course.
  • Vegas Gaming Conference
  • Online and face-to-face regulatory hospitality training
  • Digital and Social Media marketing training for venue managers

With our extensive experience and strong history as a registered training organisation, DWS can assist with the identification and delivery of meaningful training.


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