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DWS implement a range of licensing services for clients in the hospitality, gaming, tourism and leisure sectors. Our services include liquor, gaming, food & beverage and impact statements.

We have over 20 years consulting experience relating to our licensing services and have developed strong relationships with the relevant regulatory and government bodies that are highly effective in assisting with complex licensing projects.

Our licensing projects include clubs, taverns, accommodation, casinos and other liquor & gaming projects. Each year, DWS complete over 500 consulting assignments. Recent licensing projects include:

  • Gaming application and community impact statement to increase gaming machines at major gaming venues.
  • Community impact statement to accompany an extension of liquor trading hours application for high profile liquor venues.
  • New liquor application to operate a licenced restaurant and cookery academy.

DWS has extensive experience with complex licensing issues and can add value to any licensing application to ensure the highest probability of success. We would welcome the opportunity to discuss all licensing needs.


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