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About Us

DWS Hospitality Specialists consult to the hospitality, tourism and leisure industries and have dedicated expertise in a number of sectors within this sphere including:

  • The club sector incorporating licenced and unlicenced associations as well as state and national level associations and organisations.
  • The accommodation sector with expertise in full & select-service hotels, serviced & strata-titled apartments as well as resort operations.
  • The pubs and tavern sector including licenced gaming venues as well as dedicated food and beverage operations.
  • The casino sector with expertise in gaming room design and integrated casino operations.
  • The cafe and restaurant sector including licenced and unlicenced operations.
  • The leisure sector including golf, bowls and health club development and operations.
  • The tourism planning sector incorporating destination and attraction planning as well as capacity studies.

Within each of these sectors, DWS offer a multidisciplinary suite of consulting services including financial, licencing, governance, gaming, human resources, risk management, training, marketing, negotiation, venue and asset management.


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What sets your venue apart from others in the area? It’s not the machines, the carpet design or comfortable chairs you just bought – though they all contribute. It’s the experience you create for customers—how you meet their needs and entrench your venue in their personal identity.

The rationalisation of ‘more bums on seats’ is touted as a great justification for spending more marketing dollars. After all, more customers equals more revenue...right?

A loyalty program exists for many reasons, aside from the obligatory requirement for repeat business. One of the main objectives includes learning about your customers – more specifically,